Sunday, 17 July 2011

Feminism gone wrong

I came across a video on Youtube the today of a US talk show where 5 high profile women sat about joking about a man who had his penis cut off by his psycho wife, the reason for this attack? He wanted a divorce!

We are now living in a age were the unequal standards have shifted in the woman's favor. Women can now be sexist and get away with it, much like minorities can be racist and get away with it. These are big arguments for not only different days, but also different blogs.

I usually don't have an opinion on subjects like this, but it absolutely sickens me that the topic of male genital mutilation (The video says castration, which is technically false as that refers to the testes, and even this term would be used in a  purely medically scenario. What is being discussed here is nothing short of amputation or "Penectomy" - NSFW) is taken to be entertainment on a day time talk show. If there was a story on a man who drugged and cut up his wife can you guess the media reaction to that? There would be outcry!

As it stands right now there are no laws in Ireland (Where i'm from) to say a woman can rape a man. What kind of unbalance is that?

A woman's logic "I want to be treated equally!" You'll hear "Don't beat me because I'm a woman"

News Source:
Help us ---  Get involved!!!!
Right letters to CBS's advertisers, your local newspapers or TV stations!

  • Learn who the advertisers were in that episode. Contact them saying you represent 100,000 people who are going to boycott their product because the advertise, and support, sexual inequality.
The advertisers, the MONEY, will bring CBS to begin firing the cunts. ALWAYS follow the money.
Further reading - This one is a long article (i haven't even finished it) but lots of info in it:

EDIT - List of CBS Sponsors :) - Just mail 1 or 2 to help the cause! (Yes, Viagra is in there to.... the irony...)

Lamisil (
Novartis (
Levitra (www.levitra)
Bayer (
Lifesavers Candies (
Kraft Foods (
SmartBalance Popcorn (
Good for America Brands (
Viagra (www.viagra)
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (
Vioxx (www.vioxx)
Merck & Co. (
General Mills (
PrevAcid (
TAP Pharmaceuticals (
Plavix (
Bristol-Myers Squibb (
Benefiber (

From via Hugh Hewitt,
a list of the advertisers:
These companies advertised on 60 Minutes.
Let them know how you feel about that network
interfering in the American electoral process.
Nissan 1-800-647-7261
Pfizer 1-800-733-9393
Aventis 1-800-221-4025
KIA requires registration 1-800-333-4542
Sprint 1-913-624-3000
Citi 1-800-285-3000
SBC 1-210-821-4105
OTHER CBS SPONSORS tracked during one program:
First Commercial
Home Depot
Vioxx(Arthritis medicine)
Splenda(Low carb sugar substitute)
Second Commercial Break
Kia Automobiles Zelnorm(IBS medication for women)
Sprint PCS
UPS Store
Campbells Soup
Kia Automobiles
Third Commercial break
Morgan Stanley
Cingular Wireless
Pepcid Complete
Estee Lauder
Infiniti Automobiles
Majestic Star Casino
Fourth Commercial break
Wellbutrin-xl (medicine for something from Glaxo Smith Klein)
Final Commercial break

Friday, 15 July 2011 discount

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Thursday, 7 July 2011


It pissed me off to no limit that one of the fundamental necessities for life on this planet costs more that Petrol in this day and age.

This necessity? Water!

Getting the average of 1 litre of Petrol in Ireland, we find that it is roughly €1.52 (Source)
However a litre of water, even the "cheap" stuff that hasn't been filtered for 10 million years through the bones of dinosaurs and the beards of vikings will set you back €1.90ish at the cheapest (Source: Shops) 

You really have to wonder why? Does the cost of filtering and bottling water really come to a greater expense of mining, drilling, extracting, shipping, refining and transporting oil? Perhaps thats why the big oil companies make so much money? They don't have to deal with finding at river that a sheep hasn't pissed in in the last 1000 years...

I think its time to set up a water business, people are always going to need water, lets bill them through the nose!

Monday, 4 July 2011


Wow, i was just updating me blogs and i see i now have 100 followers!

Thanks to everyone who listens to my rants, i hope you all enjoy my content as much as i enjoy writing it! :)

I think my 100th follower came from somewhere in Florida :D

Monday, 27 June 2011

Jog Log 1

So i had a short sleep and for some reason i woke at 5am, unable to get back to sleep i browsed for a jog that was close to me, i found this nice 6miler that goes along the beach. I've never done a ocean side early morning run, and i have to say  its was pleasent. No cars on the road and only a few pedestrians and other early morning joggers. I suprised myself by doing the jog in good time and pace with only a few stops. Total time 01:09:40

Friday, 24 June 2011

Time limit hacks for Megavideo

1. Megavideo hack - Block Cookies

Clear your web browser?s cache and delete cookies. And then Block cookies. 

If you are on Mozilla Firefox,
- Click on Tools > Page Info.
- Click on the Permissions tab. Under Set Cookies, if Use Default is checked, uncheck it then select Block.

If you are on IE7 or IE8,
- Click on Tools > Internet Options.
- Click on the Privacy tab.
- Click on Sites.
- Under "Address of Website", type "" (without the quotes), click Block.
- Repeat the previous step and this time type "", click Block.

Now, Disconnect your modem and wait for about 10 seconds before reconnecting it. Continuewatching the video as before!

Megavideo Hack 1

Step 1: Click PLAY button of Megavideo episode, click PAUSE and wait for the video to buffer to 100%.
Step 2: After the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on File >Work Offline.
Step 3: Watch the episode.
Step 4: Unclick the "Work Offline" button and do the same with other episodes.

Megavideo Hack 2 - Download Megavideo Videos

In both IE and Firefox, videos are stored in Temporary Internet Files Folder and so you can hack from there by copying the file and renaming the extension to FLV. Load up the video so its 100% buffered. In Internet Explorer click Tools > Settings (under the "Browsing History") then "View Files". Sort the folder by file size. Your video should be the largest file in that folder and named something like "73efd837a90c290b80aa0f55b82455j8". Copy and Paste the file onto the desktop and rename the file extension to .flv. Now you can watch in VLC player.

Megavideo Hack 3

Simply add +++ at the end of the megavideo url and type enter. Many users have complained that this hack doesn?t work always. So use it with discretion.

Megavideo Hack 4

If you have dynamic IP, block all cookies from Megavideo and disconnect your modem from your line and reconnect it!

Megavideo Hack 5

Use any of the free VPN services and follow the below steps -

Step 1: Before video start: Right click > settings > local storage > set to: 0
Step 2: Clear browser?s cookies
Step 3: Run VPN > click disconnect & connect to get a new ip
Step 4: If still not working, restart your computer then run the Free VPN.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Heres one to think about :)

Ig guns don't kill people but people kill people....

Does that mean that toasters don't toast toast, toast toast toast?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Aerial Advertising

I was in Galway today when i saw a small plane towing a banner along at low altitude. I've only seen one of these before at an open air concert in Ireland, the others i've seen were abroad!

I don't really understand Aerial Advertising, most of the time the banner has been to far away for me to make anything out and i see it as a bit of a hazard. Can you imagine the banner causing the aircraft to ditch in a highly populated area like a concert or other event? Or even the banner coming lose and falling on a unsuspecting crowd?

Blimp Advertising would probably be worse! Imagine in low viability conditions a light Aircraft colliding with one? Yikes!

I suppose if you have money to advertise that way you have enough to cover all eventualities such as things going wrong.

Monday, 6 June 2011


DUST 514 will be released on the PlayStation 3! The confirmation comes today as the DUST 514 site went live and the PlayStation blog released this statement!

DUST 514 will be a console FPS MMO based in the Eve Online Universe in which Mercs will fight on planets under the command of  Capsuleers (Eve Online Players). The battles on these planets will effect the outcome of Sovereignty wars on the PC game. DUST 514 players will have access not only to a primary market but also a secondary player run market to purchase upgrades such as amour, weapons, turrets and tanks.


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Our deepest fear...

... is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Notice the Donate button?

Yes, I'm afraid I've had to join PayPal to pay for some electronic parts I've had to buy online for the Quadrotor!

If you feel like donating a small amount to help me get the Quad into the air it will not only be greatly received, but it will also help me get future UAV projects off the ground!

Friday, 27 May 2011

The day Obama came to Ireland: Part 1

Sorry for being afk for so long, it took me this long to recover from quite possible the worst Monday ever! On Sunday afternoon I got a call into work for the Obama visit and speech, basically Crowd Marshaling at the in College Green, I was hesitant but took it eventually. Little did i realise that "dar' be a shitstorm a brewin"!

I decided to spend Sunday night in with the girlfriend, watch a movie and get a pizza kind of thing. I planned on stay awake all night and catching the 5am bus from Galway to Dublin Airport (i live about 15 minutes from the airport). Now i won't fill you in on the details of what happened between 12 and 3am but we kept ourselves awake. From 3 to 4 i decided to get about an hours kip.

So alarm goes off a 4 and i walk the girlfriend home in the PISSING rain! It was the worst i've been out in in about 3 years! She only lives about 10 minutes away, for 20 minutes walk for me, needless to say i was feckin drenched. When i got home i figure i'll pack a change of kit into my day bag and get dry on the bus, good enough plan. So i pack the rest of my gear, grab my money and at about 5am i make my way to the bus stop for the 5:15 express to Dublin... anyone else see whats going to happen here? The fucking thing blitz's past! The driver might as well have given me the finger... I mean sure its an express, but surely it picks up people up to a certain point? And how many other people on the road side at 5:30 in the morning were there to hold him up? Fucking cunt!

Since the weather was still looking shit i call a taxi to bring me into town, now from were i'm standing theres none on the road but theres 2 parked up by a shut down hotel, they usually fart about there and sleep, dunno why to be honest... Avoiding their wives? Anyway the second i hang up the phone the 2 of them race down to meet me, fucking hilarious but i get into the first one and get to the Coach station.. after getting charged for pick up and having luggage of course... 10 quid down the drain already!

I hop on the first bus to dublin airport i can find, should have me in for 8:30, brilliant! The bus is packed, ballox! I make my way down to the back were its emptiest and try to sneakily get changed but before i can even start a family gets on and the 2 kids leg it down to just opposite me, looks like I'm staying wet for the trip! On to plan B, get as much kip as i can before i have to get to Dublin, utter fail! Wet cloths and cramped don't make the greatest of sleeping conditions. And to add to the clusterfuck, Dublin traffic was fucking brutal with all the diversions and extra security put place for Obama's visit. This extended my arrival time up by an hour just when the POTUS was about to land. So many fuck ups and it was only 9:30

Unfortunately i have to get ready for work now so i'm going to stop here, i will finish my story tomorrow i hope :)

Friday, 20 May 2011


Why buy Fairtrade?

First off, i'm not going to start preaching about how i'm right and your wrong, i'm not a cunt. I just thought i'd right a short piece about why i think a FairTrade brands are.. well... Fairer! FairTrade was set up to give farmers in 3rd world countries a better price for the produce they grow which we consume every day. That bar of chocolate you ate for dessert, the Coca bean was most likely grown somewhere in Africa. Your Morning Coffee, again probably grown in Africa.

FairTrade organizes co-operatives within farming communities so they can compete with the large companies who would otherwise flood them out of the market and take great steps to try and offer the farmers greater rewards for they labor.

I tend to make a great effort to buying Fairtrade products over other brands, something about giving a 3rd world farmer the same respect as any other farmer in my country that owns 30 hectares of land and 10 tractors makes the product in question taste an little extra sweet. I highly recommend FairTrade Coffee, this particular blend is slightly on the expensive side, but i'd compare it to the Elixir of Life!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And so the Summer begins!

All through my final Mathematics exam, which i will be repeating in August I'm sure, I was thinking...

If you gave a female monkey breast implants, would male monkeys find her more suitable as a mate? Is this big tit phenomenon purely a human attraction or does it extend to other species in the animal kingdom?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The 48 Laws of Power

Law 1 Never Outshine the Master
Always make those above you feel comfortably superior.  In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite – inspire fear and insecurity.  Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.
Law 2 Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies
Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy.  They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove.  In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies.  If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.
 Law 3 Conceal your Intentions
Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions.  If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense.  Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.
 Law 4 Always Say Less than Necessary
When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control.  Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, open-ended, and sphinxlike.  Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less.  The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.
 Law 5 So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life
Reputation is the cornerstone of power.  Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once you slip, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attacked on all sides.  Make your reputation unassailable.  Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen.  Meanwhile, learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations.  Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them.
 Law 6
Court Attention at all Cost
Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing.  Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion.  Stand out.  Be conspicuous, at all cost.  Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses.
  Law 7
Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit
Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own cause.  Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed.  In the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered.  Never do yourself what others can do for you.
 Law 8
Make other People come to you – use Bait if Necessary
When you force the other person to act, you are the one in control.  It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process.  Lure him with fabulous gains – then attack.  You hold the cards.
 Law 9
Win through your Actions, Never through Argument
Any momentary triumph you think gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory:  The resentment and ill will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer than any momentary change of opinion.  It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word.  Demonstrate, do not explicate.
 Law 10
Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky
You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as disease.  You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster.  The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you.  Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.
Law 11
Learn to Keep People Dependent on You
To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted.  The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have.  Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity and you have nothing to fear.  Never teach them enough so that they can do without you.
 Law 12
Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Victim
One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones.  Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people.  Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armor, you can deceive and manipulate them at will.  A timely gift – a Trojan horse – will serve the same purpose.
 Law 13
When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest,
Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
If you need to turn to an ally for help, do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds.  He will find a way to ignore you.  Instead, uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion.  He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.
 Law 14
Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy
Knowing about your rival is critical.  Use spies to gather valuable information that will keep you a step ahead.  Better still: Play the spy yourself.  In polite social encounters, learn to probe.  Ask indirect questions to get people to reveal their weaknesses and intentions.  There is no occasion that is not an opportunity for artful spying.
 Law 15
Crush your Enemy Totally
All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely.  (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.)  If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out.  More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation:  The enemy will recover, and will seek revenge.  Crush him, not only in body but in spirit.
 Law 16
Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor
Too much circulation makes the price go down:  The more you are seen and heard from, the more common you appear.  If you are already established in a group, temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about, even more admired.  You must learn when to leave.  Create value through scarcity.
 Law 17
Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability
Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people’s actions.  Your predictability gives them a sense of control.  Turn the tables: Be deliberately unpredictable.  Behavior that seems to have no consistency or purpose will keep them off-balance, and they will wear themselves out trying to explain your moves.  Taken to an extreme, this strategy can intimidate and terrorize.
 Law 18
Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous
The world is dangerous and enemies are everywhere – everyone has to protect themselves.  A fortress seems the safest. But isolation exposes you to more dangers than it protects you from – it cuts you off from valuable information, it makes you conspicuous and an easy target.  Better to circulate among people find allies, mingle.  You are shielded from your enemies by the crowd.
 Law 19
Know Who You’re Dealing with – Do Not Offend the Wrong Person
There are many different kinds of people in the world, and you can never assume that everyone will react to your strategies in the same way.  Deceive or outmaneuver some people and they will spend the rest of their lives seeking revenge.  They are wolves in lambs’ clothing.  Choose your victims and opponents carefully, then – never offend or deceive the wrong person.
 Law 20
Do Not Commit to Anyone
It is the fool who always rushes to take sides.  Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself.  By maintaining your independence, you become the master of others – playing people against one another, making them pursue you.
 Law 21
Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Seem Dumber than your Mark
No one likes feeling stupider than the next persons.  The trick, is to make your victims feel smart – and not just smart, but smarter than you are.  Once convinced of this, they will never suspect that you may have ulterior motives.
 Law 22
Use the Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness into Power
When you are weaker, never fight for honor’s sake; choose surrender instead.  Surrender gives you time to recover, time to torment and irritate your conqueror, time to wait for his power to wane.  Do not give him the satisfaction of fighting and defeating you – surrender first.  By turning the other check you infuriate and unsettle him.  Make surrender a tool of power.
 Law 23
Concentrate Your Forces
Conserve your forces and energies by keeping them concentrated at their strongest point.  You gain more by finding a rich mine and mining it deeper, than by flitting from one shallow mine to another – intensity defeats extensity every time.  When looking for sources of power to elevate you, find the one key patron, the fat cow who will give you milk for a long time to come.
 Law 24
Play the Perfect Courtier
The perfect courtier thrives in a world where everything revolves around power and political dexterity.  He has mastered the art of indirection; he flatters, yields to superiors, and asserts power over others in the mot oblique and graceful manner.  Learn and apply the laws of courtiership and there will be no limit to how far you can rise in the court.
 Law 25
Re-Create Yourself
Do not accept the roles that society foists on you.  Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience.  Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define if for you.  Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions – your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life.
 Law 26
Keep Your Hands Clean
You must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency: Your hands are never soiled by mistakes and nasty deeds.  Maintain such a spotless appearance by using others as scapegoats and cat’s-paws to disguise your involvement.
Law 27
Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following
People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something.  Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow.  Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking.  Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf.  In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power.
 Law 28
Enter Action with Boldness
If you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it.  Your doubts and hesitations will infect your execution.  Timidity is dangerous:  Better to enter with boldness.  Any mistakes you commit through audacity are easily corrected with more audacity.  Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid.
 Law 29
Plan All the Way to the End
The ending is everything.  Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, and twists of fortune that might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others.  By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop.  Gently guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead.
 Law 30
Make your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
Your actions must seem natural and executed with ease.  All the toil and practice that go into them, and also all the clever tricks, must be concealed.  When you act, act effortlessly, as if you could do much more.  Avoid the temptation of revealing how hard you work – it only raises questions.  Teach no one your tricks or they will be used against you.
 Law 31
Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards you Deal
The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice:  Your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppets.  Give people options that come out in your favor whichever one they choose.  Force them to make choices between the lesser of two evils, both of which serve your purpose.  Put them on the horns of a dilemma:  They are gored wherever they turn.
 Law 32
Play to People’s Fantasies
The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant.  Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes for disenchantment.  Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert:  Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.
 Law 33
Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew
Everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall.  That weakness is usual y an insecurity, an uncontrollable emotion or need; it can also be a small secret pleasure.  Either way, once found, it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage.
  Law 34
Be Royal in your Own Fashion:  Act like a King to be treated like one
The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated; In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you.  For a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others.  By acting regally and confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown.
 Law 35
Master the Art of Timing
Never seem to be in a hurry – hurrying betrays a lack of control over yourself, and over time.  Always seem patient, as if you know that everything will come to you eventually.  Become a detective of the right moment; sniff out the spirit of the times, the trends that will carry you to power.  Learn to stand back when the time is not yet ripe, and to strike fiercely when it has reached fruition.
 Law 36
Disdain Things you cannot have:  Ignoring them is the best Revenge
By acknowledging a petty problem you give it existence and credibility.  The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him; and a small mistake is often made worse and more visible when you try to fix it.  It is sometimes best to leave things alone.  If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it.  The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem. 
Law 37
Create Compelling Spectacles
Striking imagery and grand symbolic gestures create the aura of power – everyone responds to them.  Stage spectacles for those around you, then full of arresting visuals and radiant symbols that heighten your presence.  Dazzled by appearances, no one will notice what you are really doing.
Law 38
Think as you like but Behave like others
If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them.  They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior.  It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.
Law 39
Stir up Waters to Catch Fish
Anger and emotion are strategically counterproductive.  You must always stay calm and objective.  But if you can make your enemies angry while staying calm yourself, you gain a decided advantage.  Put your enemies off-balance: Find the chink in their vanity through which you can rattle them and you hold the strings.
Law 40
Despise the Free Lunch
What is offered for free is dangerous – it usually involves either a trick or a hidden obligation.  What has worth is worth paying for.  By paying your own way you stay clear of gratitude, guilt, and deceit.  It is also often wise to pay the full price – there is no cutting corners with excellence.  Be lavish with your money and keep it circulating, for generosity is a sign and a magnet for power.
Law 41
Avoid Stepping into a Great Man’s Shoes
What happens first always appears better and more original than what comes after.  If you succeed a great man or have a famous parent, you will have to accomplish double their achievements to outshine them.  Do not get lost in their shadow, or stuck in a past not of your own making:  Establish your own name and identity by changing course.  Slay the overbearing father, disparage his legacy, and gain power by shining in your own way.
Law 42
Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter
Trouble can often be traced to a single strong individual – the stirrer, the arrogant underling, the poisoned of goodwill.  If you allow such people room to operate, others will succumb to their influence.  Do not wait for the troubles they cause to multiply, do not try to negotiate with them – they are irredeemable.  Neutralize their influence by isolating or banishing them.  Strike at the source of the trouble and the sheep will scatter.
Law 43
Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others
Coercion creates a reaction that will eventually work against you.  You must seduce others into wanting to move in your direction.  A person you have seduced becomes your loyal pawn.  And the way to seduce others is to operate on their individual psychologies and weaknesses.  Soften up the resistant by working on their emotions, playing on what they hold dear and what they fear.  Ignore the hearts and minds of others and they will grow to hate you.
Law 44
Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect
The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy.  The Mirror Effect mocks and humiliates them, making them overreact.  By holding up a mirror to their psyches, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values; by holding up a mirror to their actions, you teach them a lesson.  Few can resist the power of Mirror Effect.
Law 45
Preach the Need for Change, but Never Reform too much at Once
Everyone understands the need for change in the abstract, but on the day-to-day level people are creatures of habit.  Too much innovation is traumatic, and will lead to revolt.  If you are new to a position of power, or an outsider trying to build a power base, make a show of respecting the old way of doing things.  If change is necessary, make it feel like a gentle improvement on the past.
Law 46
Never appear too Perfect
Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weaknesses.  Envy creates silent enemies.  It is smart to occasionally display defects, and admit to harmless vices, in order to deflect envy and appear more human and approachable.  Only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity.
Law 47
Do not go Past the Mark you Aimed for; In Victory, Learn when to Stop
The moment of victory is often the moment of greatest peril.  In the heat of victory, arrogance and overconfidence can push you past the goal you had aimed for, and by going too far, you make more enemies than you defeat.  Do not allow success to go to your head.  There is no substitute for strategy and careful planning.  Set a goal, and when you reach it, stop.
Law 48
Assume Formlessness
By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack.  Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp, keep yourself adaptable and on the move.  Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed.  The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order.  Everything changes.