Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Aerial Advertising

I was in Galway today when i saw a small plane towing a banner along at low altitude. I've only seen one of these before at an open air concert in Ireland, the others i've seen were abroad!

I don't really understand Aerial Advertising, most of the time the banner has been to far away for me to make anything out and i see it as a bit of a hazard. Can you imagine the banner causing the aircraft to ditch in a highly populated area like a concert or other event? Or even the banner coming lose and falling on a unsuspecting crowd?

Blimp Advertising would probably be worse! Imagine in low viability conditions a light Aircraft colliding with one? Yikes!

I suppose if you have money to advertise that way you have enough to cover all eventualities such as things going wrong.


  1. I can't really ever read those things anyways :P

  2. yeah, this never made much sense to me.

  3. Someone should really run a banner that reads 'I'm watching you'.

  4. tons of aerial banners (and blimps) in US beaches

  5. mostly when I'm at the beach I see one, and it's pretty clear to read