Monday, 28 May 2012

World of Warcraft probability C# script

This is a simple WOW drop probability calculator. Its written in C# as i couldn't find it in a different language.

The algorithm seems solid and functional, hope its helpful to those looking for some awesome drops
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Disabling those annoying Facebook Adverts

On Friday, FACEBOOK will start using your photos in ads that appear on the profile of your contacts. It is legal and is listed when you open an account. To prevent this do the following: Go to "Account Settings", click on "Facebook Adverts" on your left, then click "Advertisement for 3rd Parties" and choose "No One".

Monday, 21 May 2012

Inferno Patch notes (Released 22nd May)

Patch Notes

Build 369870 to 376528 addresses Patch notes for Inferno

Patch notes for EVE Online: Inferno
To be released on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.


War Declaration
  • The war declaration system has been completely overhauled and now adds a new dynamic to how wars are won and lost. Full details are available in the Dev Blogs, 'Changes to War Mechanics' and 'War, Modules and Super Friends'.
  • Wars are now declared by the CEO or a Director and not through the voting system.
  • The war declaration cost is determined by corporation size and the amount of active wars the aggressor has currently. Previously it counted defender wars. Price starts at 50 million.
  • Several loopholes for evading wars have been closed:
    • If you leave a corporation while the war is on, you cannot re-join until the war is over or 7 days have passed. This does not apply to mutual wars.
    • War shedding is no longer possible. Corporations that are at war will continue to be so, regardless of joining or leaving alliances.
  • All wars are now public:
    • You can view a report of all wars currently active and see how both sides are doing.
    • Mercenaries can offer their assistance, at a price, to the defending corporation or alliance.
    • Both parties can offer “surrender terms” and attach a price tag if you are a CEO or Director.
  • All wars will now have a war report:
    • As mentioned this will be public and available to everyone.
    • Contains all kills and losses in date order.
    • Contains a headline showing the total amount of damage inflicted.
    • A Graph is available so you can view wars by ship class.
  • Defenders in wars can get help from other corporations or alliances.
    • Defenders can flag themselves as seeking aid.
    • As stated above, any corporation or alliance can send a formal offer to ally with the defender for a particular war.
    • The ally counts as being in war against aggressor and is included in the war report on the defender’s side.
  • Kill mails will now be known as kill reports. More details on these changes are available in the Dev Blog, 'Spaceship Murder Notifications':
    • Updated to have a nice look and feel.
    • Visually displays the victims fittings with an option to save it.
    • Shows the total amount of money lost by the other player.
    • They can now be dragged into chat and mails.
  • Brand new modules and ammunition have been added to enhance player choice when fitting a ship. Further details of all new modules can be found in the Dev Blog, 'War, Modules and Super Friends'.
  • The Reactive Armor Hardener : A low slot module that adjusts resists according to incoming damage. You can only fit one, but it lets you fight lazy!
  • Extrinsic Damage Amplifier: A low slot, drone damage module which allows your drones do more damage, much in the same way that Gyrostabilizers or Heat Sinks work.
  • Ancillary Shield Boosters: A mid slot active tanking shield module which lets you boost a lot of shield but at a massive need. Requires charges to operate and comes in small, medium large and X-Large.
  • Target Spectrum Breaker: A mid slot module that has a chance of breaking the lock of ships that are targeting you. Downsides is that you have a reduced scan res and it breaks your lock when going off.
  • Light and Medium Web Drones: Light and medium versions of the stasis webifying drones we already have.
  • Cap Battery Changes: All capacitor batteries provide an inherent defense against Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizers. A portion drained is reflected back on the aggressor.
  • Defender Missiles: Defender missiles have now been split into size categories light and heavy.
  • Overclocking Processor Units: A rig that increases your CPU, but at the cost of shield recharge rate.
  • New missile launchers and launch effects are released with Inferno and add a new level of immersion to EVE Online. Missiles will now swarm to targets from brand new launchers equipped to ships. You can see a video of the new effects by clicking this link. The new launchers are:
    • Bomb Launcher
    • Citadel Torpedo Launcher
    • Citadel Cruise Missile Launcher
    • Torpedo Launcher
    • Cruise Missile Launcher
    • Heavy Missile Launcher
    • Heavy Assault Missile Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Rapid Light Missile Launcher
    • Light Missile Launcher
  • Brand new effects have been added for all:
    • Missiles.
    • Missile Muzzle effects.
    • Missile Trails.
    • Missile Explosions.
    • Improved distribution of damage locators.
  • Brand new Stealth Bomber models have been added for the:
    • Manticore
    • Nemesis
    • Purifier
    • Hound
  • The transformation of Amarr ships has been completed and will now appear in V3 format for all of the following ships.
    • Industrial
    • Battleship
    • Battle Cruiser
    • Cruiser
    • Destroyer
    • Frigate
    • Shuttle
  • Please note that the Minmatar V3 is still in progress and will be released in the very near future.
Character Creator and New Player Experience
  • The skin color options in the character creator and re-customization have been changed so the color of your skin is no longer constrained by the bloodline of your avatar. All bloodlines now have a broad range of distinct skin tones ranging from pale to dark.
  • As skin tone can only be chosen when creating a new character or resculpting, all existing characters on TQ have been given one free resculpt.
  • Bloodline hair-color restrictions have been lifted in the character creator and re-customization.


  • Inferno will be the first-step taken into removing the Tier system out of ship classes; please refer to the Dev Blog, 'Rebalancing EVE, one ship at a time' for more details.
  • The first batch of changes affect the Tormentor, Punisher, Merlin, Incursus and Rifter frigates:
  • Tormentor: role changed from mining to combat ship
    • New bonuses: 5% to small energy turret damage and 10% reduction to small energy weapon capacitor use per level.
    • Slot layout: 3 High, 3 Mid, 4 Low; 2 turrets and no launchers.
    • Fittings: 49 PWG, 130 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 350 / 450 / 400
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 400 / 200 s / 2
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 320 / 3.05 / 1180000 / 3.37 s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 10 / 10
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 40km / 620 / 4
    • Sensor strength: 9 Radar
    • Signature radius: 35
  • Punisher: improved role as close range brawler
    • New bonuses: 5% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage and 5% bonus to armor resistances per skill level.
    • Slot layout: 4 High, 2 Mid, 4 Low; 3 turrets and no launchers
    • Fittings: 55 PWG, 124 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 350 / 500 / 450
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 425 / 212.5 s / 2
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 330 / 3.35 / 1047000 / 3.28 s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 25km / 640 / 4
    • Sensor strength: 9 Radar
    • Signature radius: 37
  • Merlin: changed role from sniper to close range brawler.Warning: due to the high-slot and launcher hard point removal on the Merlin, we highly recommend players to dock in a safe place or swap ships before release date.
    • New bonuses: 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage and 5% to shield resistances per level.
    • Slot layout: 3 High, 4 Mid, 3 Low; 3 turrets and no launchers.
    • Fittings: 40 PWG, 180 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 500 / 350 / 400
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 350 / 175 s / 2
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 310 / 3.6 / 997000 / 3.36 s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 580 / 5
    • Sensor strength: 11 Gravimetric
    • Signature radius: 39
  • Incursus: improved role as close range brawler.
    • New bonuses: 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage and 10% bonus to armor repairer effectiveness per level.
    • Slot layout: 3 High, 3 Mid, 4 Low; 3 turrets and no launchers.
    • Fittings: 45 PWG, 135 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 400 / 450 / 500
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 370 / 185 s / 2
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 340 / 3.15 / 1028000 / 3.0 s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 5 / 5
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 30km / 600 / 4
    • Sensor strength: 9 Magnetometric
    • Signature radius: 42
  • Rifter: role and bonuses unchanged
    • Unchanged Slot layout: 4 High, 3 Mid, 3 Low; 3 turrets and 2 launchers.
    • Unchanged fittings: 37 PWG, 125 CPU.
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 450 / 400 / 350
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 250 / 125 s / 2
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 355 / 3.19 / 1067000 / 3.19 s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 22.5km / 660 / 4
    • Sensor strength: 8 Ladar
    • Signature radius: 35
Factional Warfare
  • A substantial overhaul has been made to Factional Warfare and full details can be found in the Dev Blog, 'Factional Warfare Overhaul'.
  • Name Standardization:
    • The metric which determined control over Factional Warfare systems, Occupancy, has been replaced with Sovereignty for clarity purposes.
    • Factional Warfare Control Bunkers have been replaced by Infrastructure Hubs. This change mainly is cosmetic as no attribute has been altered except for signature radius, which has been increased to 4000.
    • The World Map Control Panel filters for Factional Warfare have been reworked. The “Occupancy” tab has been removed, simplified filters are now available under the “Sovereignty > Factional Warfare” tab.
  • Factional Warfare Page
  • The Factional Warfare page has been significantly improved to include the following:
  • Information delivery has been clarified by splitting data over three tabs: “War Zone Control”, “Statistics” and “Rules of Engagement”
    • War Zone Control display war information for Factions as a whole, lists gained bonuses, displays upgraded systems, shows a Star Map with contested and vulnerable areas. See “War Zone Control” paragraph below for more information.
    • The Statistic page display personal, corporation and militia wide data regarding Factional Warfare performance.
    • The Rules of Engagement tab explains basic mechanics of Factional Warfare regarding territorial contest, upgrade process, combat and reward mechanics as well as consequences for joining.
  • Station deny docking
    • All stations located in enemy Factional Warfare systems will now deny docking to the opposing militias. Neutrals are not affected by this change and can still dock anywhere they please.
    • All stations located in enemy Factional Warfare systems will now deny service use to enemy pilots that managed to dock before Sovereignty switched hand. Neutrals are not affected.
  • Upgrading Solar systems
  • It is now possible to upgrade a solar system owned by your own faction by spending Factional Warfare Loyalty Points (LPs) into the respective Infrastructure Hub.
  • Donating LPs is done in close proximity of the Infrastructure Hub (closer than 2500 meters) and is taken from the respective Factional Warfare Militia Corporations 24th Imperial Crusade, State Protectorate, Federal Defense Union and Tribal Liberation Force.
  • Upgrading a Factional Warfare system gives system-wide bonuses to the faction that owns it and neutrals:
    • Level 1 requires 10,000 LPs: all stations in the system receive 1 additional slot, broker fees on contracts and market orders created in the system are reduced by 10%, medical clone costs are reduced by 10%
    • Level 2 requires 25,000 LPs: all stations in the system receive 2 additional slots, broker fees on contracts and market orders created in the system are reduced by 20%, medical clone costs are reduced by 20%
    • Level 3 requires 45,000 LPs: all stations in the system receive 3 additional slots, broker fees on contracts and market orders created in the system are reduced by 30%, medical clone costs are reduced by 30%
    • Level 4 requires 70,000 LPs: all stations in the system receive 4 additional slots, broker fees on contracts and market orders created in the system are reduced by 40%, medical clone costs are reduced by 40%
    • Level 5 requires 100,000 LPs: all stations in the system receive 5 additional slots, broker fees on contracts and market orders created in the system are reduced by 50%, medical clone costs are reduced by 50%
  • After level 5 is a buffer that does not give any bonuses, but prevents the system  losing upgrades directly when fully maxed. See “Capturing Payout” paragraph for more information.
  • Additional station slots are only added if they exist before the upgrade. New slots are not created if the station didn’t have it in the first place. Example: a station that had copy and manufacturing slots before an upgrade will receive one additional slots in these two areas, but will not receive any ME or PE slots.
  • It is not possible to gain an infinite amount of additional slots by repeatedly upgrading, then downgrading the system: additional lines being used will stay booked by their initial owner until the job expires. That means an opposing faction may have to wait for the previous job owner to relinquish his line before having access to it.
  • Medical clone costs do not apply to Jump Clones.
  • War Zone Control
  • Holding and upgrading Factional Warfare systems now have an impact in a faction success as a whole. Number of systems and upgrades hold in the same War Zone (Amarr/Minmatar or Caldari/Gallente War zones respectively) are counted as part of points, then used to unlock War Zone Control tiers:
    • War Zone Control Tier 1 – between 0 and 20% of total War Zone points: the faction LP store prices are multiplied by four next to their pre-Inferno numbers.
    • War Zone Control Tier 2 – between 20% and 40% of total War Zone points: the faction LP store prices are multiplied by two next to their pre-Inferno numbers, the faction receives 5% bonus to all Factional Warfare LP gains.
    • War Zone Control Tier 3 – between 40% and 60% of total War Zone points: the faction LP store prices are the same as pre-Inferno, the faction receives 10% bonus to all Factional Warfare LP gains.
    • War Zone Control Tier 3 – between 60% and 80% of total War Zone points: the faction LP store prices are twice as cheap as their pre-Inferno numbers, the faction receives 15% bonus to all Factional Warfare LP gains.
    • War Zone Control Tier 3 – between 80% and 100% of total War Zone points: the faction LP store prices are four times as cheap as their pre-Inferno numbers, the faction receives 20% bonus to all Factional Warfare LP gains.
  • War Zone Control bonuses are applied to all the respective faction members no matter where they are – neutrals and enemies are not affected.
  • War Zone Control only affects ISK and LPs requirements on their respective faction LP store offers.
  • War Zone Control only affects the respective Factional Warfare Militia Corporations (24th Imperial Crusade, State Protectorate, Federal Defense Union and Tribal Liberation Force). Other corporations are not affected by such a change.
  • Capturing payout
  • Factional Warfare sites now give Loyalty Points when captured:
    • Minor sites: 10,000 LPs
    • Standard sites: 17,500 LPs
    • Major sites: 25,000 LPs
    • Major Stronghold or Major Compound sites: 30,000 LPs
    • Infrastructure Hubs: 40,000 LPs
  • All LP gains are split among all eligible members. Example: Two Amarr enlisted players capturing a Minmatar or Gallente Minor site would only receive 5,000 LPs for the 24th Imperial Crusade each.
  • All LP gains are also split toward allied factions. Example: one Amarr and one Caldari enlisted players capturing the same Minmatar or Gallente Minor site would still receive 5,000 LPs each – for their 24th Imperial Crusade and State Protectorate corporations respectively.
  • Cloaked or pilots in pods or shuttles will not receive any payout.
  • Only attacking enemy sites will yield LPs – defending will not. Example: one Amarr enlisted pilot defending an Amarr site will not receive anything. The same Amarr pilot capturing a Minmatar site will be normally paid.
  • Capturing LPs through Factional Warfare sites will cause the enemy Infrastructure Hub in the same solar system to lose half of the gained LP amount. Example: An Amarr enlisted pilot receiving 10,000 LPs for capturing a Minmatar Minor site in Amamake will cause the Infrastructure Hub there to lose 5,000 LPs, possibly causing it to lose an upgrade level.
  • Factional Warfare sites now give 20 Victory Points instead of 100 – this was done to increase solar system capture time significantly and reduce likelihood for a Factional Warfare pilot to be stranded in a station that switched loyalty while he was away.
  • LPs for kills
  • Destroying enemy player ships will give LPs to the player giving the final blow.
  • Exact formula is: [Given LP] = ([Market value of target ship] - [Max. Insurance market value] + [Fitted mods, rigs and subsystem market value] + [Transported items market value]) / 10000.
  • Please note insurance is always counted at its maximum value no matter what the insurance value on the destroyed ship actually is to discourage farming.
  • If the player giving the killing blow belongs to a fleet, LPs will be split to all friendly faction members in the grid. Example: a fleet of 2x Gallente Federation and 2x Minmatar Republic members destroy a target enlisted in the Caldari State worth 4000 LPs. No matter who had the killing blow, each Federation pilot will receive 1000 LP for the Federal Defense Union, while each Minmatar capsuleer will gain 1000 LP for the Tribal Liberation Force.
  • Standing requirements
  • Required faction standings to join Factional Warfare have been lowered from 0.5 to 0.0. Please note that players having negative standings will still be kicked out of their respective faction as usual.
  • The Advanced Military Career Path tutorial has been adjusted in consequence – the final mission now gives the Rapid Firing skill book instead of a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Research agents and datacore changes
  • Datacore offers have been added to Factional Warfare Militia Corporations (250 LP and 250,000 ISK for a package of 5):
    • 24th Imperial Crusade: Amarrian Starship Engineering, High Energy Physics, Laser Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Nanite Engineering.
    • State Protectorate: Caldari Starship Engineering, Graviton Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Quantum Physics, Rocket Science.
    • Federal Defense Union: Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering, Gallentean Starship Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Plasma Physics.
    • Tribal Liberal Force: Hydromagnetic Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Minmatar Starship Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Nuclear Physics.
  • Please remember all above prices are affected by War Zone Control LP Store multipliers.
  • Field multipliers for all research categories have been removed (this affects Research Point per day). Besides, all Research Points requirements to claim one Datacore have been increased from 50 to 100.
  • Research Point amounts will not be adjusted in any shape or form with Inferno release.
Unified Inventory
  • An Index tree has been added into the Inventory window showing all accessible inventories within stations while docked and within ships while in space. Full details are available in the Dev Blog, 'Unified Inventory'.
  • Client inventory performance has been enhanced greatly making it possible to work with hundreds of items without serious framerate drop.
  • New look and feel for inventory items.
  • Cut and paste shortcuts implemented for inventory items.
  • Assembled containers will now appear as part of the new index tree.
  • A new capacity meter has been added to the inventory window which gives instant feedback on capacity changes before items are moved between locations.
  • A new Smart filter system has been added to the Inventory window that allows players to filter items by various means and save the filters for later use.
  • All inventory items now have estimated market price displayed for individual items through tooltip as well as showing combined market price on all selected items in the lower bar of the inventory.
  • Market deliveries now appear under the Corporate hangar section in the Index tree of the inventory.
  • POS inventory locations are now automatically appended to the inventory tree index when the structures are within your current grid.
Starbases, Outposts and Stations
  • Unanchoring an assembly array that has active jobs in its assembly lines now warns the player that the jobs will be aborted and materials lost.
Science and Industry
  • When using quick running compression jobs from a Rorqual, the completed job would sometimes not show up for 5 minutes in the Science & Industry window. It will now show up within one minute at most.
Market and Contracts
  • Market tax has been increased from 1% to 1.5% as a part of our initiative to keep the EVE economy healthy.
  • Fixed some minor spelling errors in the description in several Science skills.
  • References to Siege Missile Launchers have now been updated to refer to Torpedo Launchers in Stealth Bomber descriptions.
  • A small white square that glowed when looking at Celestis variants while rotating the camera will no longer show.
  • Turret locators on the Nighthawk are now located correctly.
  • The Nighthawk now has the Caldari booster glow.
User Interface
  • User created groups on the Neocom can now be renamed and given a two letter abbreviation so that it is easier to distinguish between custom groups.
  • Clients viewing autolink items and solar systems will see the name translated into their client language if supported.
  • The image in the "Show Info" window can now be dragged and dropped in chat to create a link to the type or item that is being viewed in the info window. Character portraits can also be dragged to Contacts to add the character as a contact, and item images can be dragged into the market quickbar to add the type to the quickbar.
  • The "Jump To" right-click menu has been changed so it behaves like the "Bridge To" menu. That is, if there are more than 20 alliance beacons they will be divided into submenus with 20 beacons each.
CONCORD and Kill Reports
  • To avoid confusion, Capsules with a Global Criminal Countdown will no longer appear as a red target on your overview. This is reverting to pre-Escalation behaviour.
  • Detail texture map missing from the Nomad has been restored.
  • If a player logs back in whilst his ship is still in space at a 1-million-km emergency-warp point, their ship will now be vulnerable to warp disruption bubbles at this location as it attempts to e-warp back to its original position.
  • You will now be informed that you have lost connection with EVE instead of abruptly shutting down the client.


Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations
  • Items in Silos will no longer freeze during shuffling and moving.
  • Mining drones will once again play their full animation and effect cycle.
  • The turret shader preset has been fixed for the Cynabal. Turrets fitted to this ship will now appear correctly.
  • An issue with the gate activation audio sfx occasionally not playing has been fixed.
  • The energy vampire effects will now play sound when used.
  • An issue with Vivox that could crash the client has been fixed.
  • Resolved a problem where the volume of turrets would not change based on the distance of your camera.
  • An issue with the ambient audio in the station hangars has been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue in the mixer structure that caused low volume on ship effects such as the vampire module.
  • Resolved a geometry hole that would appear on the lowest LOD setting for the Lachesis ship.
  • The Echelon has been V3'd which fixes 3 broken decals on the ship hull.
Science and Industry
  • Fixed an issue where BPCs invented with decryptors would sometimes have one less production run than they should have.
  • Show info windows for blueprint copies stored within containers will now show accurate data.
  • The Captains Quarters screen will now rotate between screens as intended.
  • An issue where numbers where incorrectly formatted when using regional settings where space was the thousand separator has been fixed.
Market & Contracts
  • You are now able to find contracts issued by characters where the subject name is a subset of another entity´s name.
  • Fixed a case where multiple tractor beams could sometimes be engaged on the same container or wreck.
  • The Dual Modal Giga Pulse Laser I will now correctly have the benefits of 'Turning on Overload' applied to it. The increase in damage is correctly updated in the fitting window.
  • The Triage II Module now has the correct effect associated with it when activated.
Boosters and Implants
  • 'Gunslinger' Small Projectile Turret implants now conform to the new naming convention.
Weapons & Ammunition
  • Descriptions have been updated for Conflagration Laser Crystals, Tremor and Quake artillery charges.
  • When their intended target dies before they get there, missiles will no longer move in an erratic manner.
Exploration & Deadspace
  • The green centroid lines between probes are now displayed correctly if the player has jumped between systems without closing the map.
  • Reconnecting to lost probes when travelling through wormholes will now be more consistent and stable.
  • Wrecks of NPCs are now properly identified and are no longer just numeric ID's.
Corporation & Alliance
  • All other pending corp applications are now properly removed when you join a new corporation.
Agents & Missions
  • Tidied up several misleading escalating path messages in missions.
  • Sometimes the client would lockup on trying to remove offered missions. This no longer happens.
EVE Voice, Mail & Chat
  • Mails received for reimbursement will be properly formatted.
User Interface
  • The link detection in chat has been improved (unicode support, multiple links in one line).
  • Fixed a small UI error which showed that a sole Wing Commander was entitled to a fleet boost when this was not actually the case.
  • On the map screen, Militia Ships Destroyed in the Last Hour now update the number correctly. Previously it always displayed 1.
  • The non-functional "Set Name" option has been removed from the contextual menu when right clicking the station name of an asset location. Stations cannot be renamed.
  • The People & Places contacts divider will now remember its position as set by the player.
  • An issue with the 'Use Active Overview Settings' checkbox in the Scanner UI has been fixed.
  • Agent portraits can now be seen with clients at 125% UI scaling.
  • When placing a Buy Order, the quantity for the item will again have separators and no decimal places.
  • The Jukebox window will no longer expand during a session change, such as docking or undocking, if it was previously collapsed.
  • When sorting by value for the standings transaction window, values are now sorted numerically instead of alphabetically.
  • An issue with the sorting of Log entry times around midnight has been fixed.
  • Fixed the text spacing in the "Accept Quote?" window for Manufacturing, so that text is no longer overlapped by UI elements.
  • Tooltip requiring the user to train additional levels in "Interplanetary Consolidation" will now display correctly when no more command centers can be placed on a planet.
  • Fixed an issue where Dominant Sovereignty Holder names longer than 39 characters would overlap the Kills in the last 24H label in the Sovereignty window. The names will now instead be clipped if the window is too small.
  • The notepad will now save changes if it has been closed via the shortcut key.
  • Fixed an issue where Station waypoints were being changed to System waypoints when cancelling Waypoint optimization and closing the map.
  • It is possible again to use the "arrow up" key to select items in the overview after a session change when the overview is in focus.
  • The Corporation icon can now correctly be removed from the Neocom. Fixed an issue where it would be added after removal on client restart.
  • Ship names in the fitting management window will no longer be fully capitalized.
  • The mysterious and enigmatic 'c' before the icon in the Redeem Items window, has disappeared into the cold, dark night.
  • Searching for Aura in People & Places will now only return the user’s starting Aura agent.
  • Having bilingual tooltips enabled will no longer insert additional tags into copied kill reports
  • The Abaddon boosters length are now equal.
  • The boosters on the Retribution now fit snugly into the engine exhaust.
  • Resolved an issue with the infested Dominix drone, all of the animated legs will now display and animate correctly.
  • The fourth turret hard point no longer intersects with the top wing on the Vengeance model.
  • A texture seam in the Pulsar Nebulae has been fixed.
  • The booster trail on the Executioner no longer intersects with the exhaust geometry.
  • The turret locators on the drake have been repositioned onto the ship?s hull.
  • Resolved an issue where the Dismantler Alvior drone would not have animated shadows.
  • All Caldari industrials now have the shadow effects restored.
  • The animated cockroach model on infested rocks will no longer corrupt and show up on your ship.
  • The tech2 ORE ships have had their red lights restored.
  • Resolved locator issues for a large majority of NPC models using the Velator hull.
  • The EoM 'Death Knight' NPC now uses the updated V3 Maller with the appropriate EOM skin.
  • Fixed a texture seam on all mining barges.
  • The Dominix turret locators are mirrored once again.
  • Resolved turret locator issues with the NPC Ibis models.
  • Fixed the booster locators for the Arbitrator so they are closer to the ships geometry.
  • The Mordus frigate is now using the correct skin.
  • Resolved a locator issue with the Ventral frigate.
  • Fixed the booster locators on the Retriever hull.
  • Resolved locator issues on the following ship hulls: Nighthawk, Vulture, Ferox, Drake, and Widow.
  • Re-added the blinking lights to the Mordus Frigate.
  • Resolved an issue with the Strip Miner undeploy animation, the turrets will no longer bob up and down.
  • Resolved a legacy issue where effects would linger in the scene if your client was minimized for an extended period.
  • Increased the Nebula resolution quality on select systems.
  • Removed additional thrusters from the Einherji Fighter.
  • Drone Fighters now preview correctly.
  • The booster glow areas have been added to the Naga.
  • Resolved a locator issue with the Concord SWAT frigate.
  • Autolinking now auto-completes on the client side as well as translating to the clients language.
  • Nightstalker goggles now properly displayed when client is set to Japanese text.
  • Resolved an issue where the Mega Pulse Laser firing sound couldnt be heard from certain camera perspectives.
  • When opening Personal Assets->Constellation, if you have no assets the message now reads 'You have no assets in this constellation.'
  • Warping through a planet while cloaked shouldn't affect the cloak now.
  • Fixed various issue related to jump button where jumping would not take place after warping to location.  The process was made more robust with regards to exceptional cases. This affects most cases of automatic navigation that end with an interaction as in opening cargo, docking and scooping drones.

WOO! Dust 514 Closed Beta!

So i didn't actually get sent a key for myself but my friend who doesn't have a PS3 gave me his, since i'm home for the next few days i don't loaded it (1.5GB client + 1.6GB patch lol) and i'm not happily blowing away space PMC's

Interface is interesting, smooth in some places and complex and rouggh in others but bar 1 or 2 game crashes and hangs it is a brilliant game.

If any of you get the key, you are not only obliged, but i encourage you, to leave as much feedback as you can! The more CCP get the better they will be able to hammer out the bugs and issues.

Closed forums are HERE

(*Not my video - Clips from CCP's Fanfest 2012 presentation)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Painful Killmail

Ouchies! 1.7 Bill in the head!! This guy needs to learn to fly better and not put so much effort into his expensive clones :(

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Some of the most devastating things that happen to you will teach you the most.
                                                                                                                     - Ellen DeGeneres

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Glorious WTF tears of Damar Rocarion

 Wow, this is a seriously entertaining read from local the other day. The mental stability of this guy has been questioned before but this takes the biscuit.... Internet Spaceships; Serious business!

"[ 2012.04.29 12:39:22 ] Yuri Intaki > You are part of EL-G and were in it when Seriphyn resorted to death threats. After that, I consider all gallente players to be humans whose base motivation is to harm me in rl." <- WHAT?!


  Channel ID:      (('solarsystemid2', 30045352),)
  Channel Name:    Local
  Listener:        Ans Blix
  Session started: 2012.04.29 11:35:04

[ 2012.04.29 11:36:49 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Hirri
[ 2012.04.29 11:37:38 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Pynekastoh
[ 2012.04.29 11:38:26 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Hikkoken
[ 2012.04.29 11:39:15 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Nennamaila
[ 2012.04.29 11:42:25 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Aldranette
[ 2012.04.29 11:43:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Vlillirier
[ 2012.04.29 11:44:17 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Oicx
[ 2012.04.29 11:56:52 ] Yuri Intaki > Seriphyn wants to send more death threats
[ 2012.04.29 11:56:54 ] Yuri Intaki > I just know it
[ 2012.04.29 11:58:15 ] Yuri Intaki > I bet you guys got leaked the information I was supposed to be in auction today
[ 2012.04.29 11:58:40 ] Dod Kalm > Namupassi told us everything.
[ 2012.04.29 11:58:42 ] Madbuster73 > you are sick mate, you should seek some help
[ 2012.04.29 11:59:08 ] Madbuster73 > you are mentally not fine. take some medication
[ 2012.04.29 11:59:34 ] Damar Rocarion > So it was your intention to get Oicx.
[ 2012.04.29 11:59:46 ] Damar Rocarion > What will you do then, wait for my next day off and lose it again?
[ 2012.04.29 12:00:16 ] Madbuster73 > go find some help
[ 2012.04.29 12:00:23 ] Madbuster73 > in RL I mean
[ 2012.04.29 12:00:30 ] Madbuster73 > you are mentally sick
[ 2012.04.29 12:00:32 ] Ans Blix > I'd prefer to wait till the next day your working and shit in your drive way
[ 2012.04.29 12:00:35 ] Desra Mascani > Thank you Damar, for providing us some game content. Even if it is so deranged.
[ 2012.04.29 12:01:14 ] Damar Rocarion > tough talk
[ 2012.04.29 12:01:30 ] Damar Rocarion > I use public though, since it takes me 5 minutes to train station which takes me to front door of my work
[ 2012.04.29 12:02:04 ] Desra Mascani > And where is that exactly?
[ 2012.04.29 12:03:51 ] Zontamos > hi mad hustler u want missiles or drones
[ 2012.04.29 12:05:10 ] Ans Blix > Hey damar, do your exploit thing, i wanna see how it works
[ 2012.04.29 12:05:16 ] Zontamos > buster u lost ur fight once u sayd i like gallentes
[ 2012.04.29 12:05:41 ] Zontamos > so hear u now mor dead man
[ 2012.04.29 12:06:21 ] Damar Rocarion > Ans, ask Val
[ 2012.04.29 12:06:29 ] Ans Blix > Vals not on
[ 2012.04.29 12:06:29 ] Damar Rocarion > He tried his best to trigger it in Vli today
[ 2012.04.29 12:06:38 ] Ans Blix > can't you just do it now?
[ 2012.04.29 12:06:59 ] Zontamos > val can take hes movies back were he rented them
[ 2012.04.29 12:07:09 ] Yuri Intaki > I cannot. You would petition it since CCP is on your pocket. Sad but true
[ 2012.04.29 12:07:17 ] Yuri Intaki > Despite you doing it still
[ 2012.04.29 12:07:57 ] Damar Rocarion > Run along now. Wait for us tz jesus blob and your 80 minmatar friends
[ 2012.04.29 12:11:41 ] MaraudR73 > did I already mention that you are mentally sick?
[ 2012.04.29 12:13:47 ] Zontamos > nayby u are how knows¨
[ 2012.04.29 12:13:52 ] Zontamos > m
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:03 ] Damar Rocarion > Petition time
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:09 ] Damar Rocarion > insulting peoples mental health like that
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:26 ] Ans Blix > fucking idiot
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:38 ] Zontamos > no petitions for anybody deal this like man
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:53 ] Zontamos > chiks
[ 2012.04.29 12:14:57 ] Damar Rocarion > Hey I think I got one of you guys temp banned because he said he would like to strangle me in local
[ 2012.04.29 12:15:04 ] Damar Rocarion > That was fairly hilarious
[ 2012.04.29 12:15:21 ] Ans Blix > internet spaceships damar
[ 2012.04.29 12:15:31 ] Yuri Intaki > Serious business
[ 2012.04.29 12:15:47 ] Yuri Intaki > Ask Seriphyn "Death threats for half price" Inhonores
[ 2012.04.29 12:16:19 ] Yuri Intaki > Marauder is always butthurt when things dont go his way
[ 2012.04.29 12:16:34 ] Yuri Intaki > I bet he rages now in Sotf channel that he wants 100 guys to plex in Oicx for solid 7 hours
[ 2012.04.29 12:16:43 ] Ans Blix > Yuri, if i want any shit from you i'll squezze your head
[ 2012.04.29 12:17:44 ] Zontamos > we are here on mission what u try to do
[ 2012.04.29 12:17:46 ] Damar Rocarion > Why? Doesen't your own mouth suffie?
[ 2012.04.29 12:18:53 ] Yuri Intaki > You have not complained about blobbing yet
[ 2012.04.29 12:19:15 ] Yuri Intaki > Since clearly we need to give equal and fair fight to derps who wont fight without neutral link machine in their POS
[ 2012.04.29 12:19:27 ] Yuri Intaki > Tell me, do you fornicate with three condoms on, just to be sure?
[ 2012.04.29 12:20:26 ] Zontamos > u sl9ightyly starting to like me and wanish
[ 2012.04.29 12:20:40 ] Zontamos > all u gallentes
[ 2012.04.29 12:20:41 ] Desra Mascani > For sure I don't fornicate with ugly semi-lesbian bitches with ugly sunglasses. C'mon. What is that? 1992?
[ 2012.04.29 12:20:59 ] Zontamos > :)
[ 2012.04.29 12:21:10 ] Zontamos > i rember u allways
[ 2012.04.29 12:21:13 ] Ans Blix > Like you don't have you own boosters Yuri... I'd keep an eyon your own sexual health
[ 2012.04.29 12:22:08 ] Yuri Intaki > Sure we bring the boosters. That just means people actually have to fight us based on skills. And generally that ends bad for your side.
[ 2012.04.29 12:22:11 ] Zontamos > plexing is fun u wait support
[ 2012.04.29 12:22:20 ] Yuri Intaki > It's not like you ever fight without them. but it's ok
[ 2012.04.29 12:22:30 ] Yuri Intaki > Relying on links all the time makes you a shitty player
[ 2012.04.29 12:23:12 ] Ans Blix > If they're there they're there, i don't fight depending on if theres a link or not
[ 2012.04.29 12:23:41 ] Yuri Intaki > You mean to say "I dont fight if they are not there"
[ 2012.04.29 12:24:30 ] Ans Blix > Yuri, how often do we fight?
[ 2012.04.29 12:24:42 ] Ans Blix > What could you possibly know about me?
[ 2012.04.29 12:24:52 ] Yuri Intaki > Last time you and I fought was when I destroyed your shitfit Abaddon. With Vigilant.
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:00 ] Zontamos > are u guys married yet
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:09 ] Yuri Intaki > And went apeshit over it about shooting "non-hostile"
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:20 ] Yuri Intaki > Since you were apparently leaving Mr. "Death threats" corp
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:27 ] Yuri Intaki > oohoo
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:31 ] Ans Blix > Yes, this was high sec, how long ago?
[ 2012.04.29 12:25:37 ] Desra Mascani > Retard, He's the CEO now
[ 2012.04.29 12:26:01 ] Yuri Intaki > Not long ago. You are EL-G, that makes you human excrement who takes the game too seriously
[ 2012.04.29 12:26:07 ] Yuri Intaki > *not too long ago
[ 2012.04.29 12:26:08 ] Ans Blix > No but seriously how long ago was that? Are you still proud about that kill or something?
[ 2012.04.29 12:26:29 ] Yuri Intaki > No, it was just one kill
[ 2012.04.29 12:26:57 ] Yuri Intaki > But my hatred of you for belonging to EL-G back in the day of death threats, that will not be forgotten.
[ 2012.04.29 12:27:11 ] Ans Blix > "not too long ago"... its was 2 1/2 years ago lolz
[ 2012.04.29 12:27:36 ] Ans Blix > .... now look whos taking the game to seruiously
[ 2012.04.29 12:27:37 ] Yuri Intaki > And?
[ 2012.04.29 12:27:53 ] Yuri Intaki > Longest grudge i've kept (and still keep) has been 28 years
[ 2012.04.29 12:28:00 ] Yuri Intaki > So you are not even close to the top
[ 2012.04.29 12:28:19 ] Ans Blix > your still gloating ovr a kill over 2 years ago... thats sad man
[ 2012.04.29 12:28:35 ] Desra Mascani > That me be to your mother that she gave birth to such a monster.
[ 2012.04.29 12:28:36 ] Yuri Intaki > You asked a question, I answered it
[ 2012.04.29 12:28:57 ] Yuri Intaki > Only worthwhile remembrance of your existence in my brain.
[ 2012.04.29 12:29:18 ] Ans Blix > and it proves my orginal point, 2.5 years ago was our last encounter when i was in a missioning ship... you know jack about how i fight
[ 2012.04.29 12:29:38 ] Yuri Intaki > Clearly. That's why Damar is on top # 100 in Battleclinic.....
[ 2012.04.29 12:30:16 ] Ans Blix > lol wtf has that got to do with ANYTHING that we're talking about hahahah
[ 2012.04.29 12:30:27 ] Desra Mascani > Scan my ship please...
[ 2012.04.29 12:30:36 ] Desra Mascani > Can you read that?
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:01 ] Ans Blix > U mad?
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:18 ] Damar Rocarion > Are U?
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:30 ] Ans Blix > lol no, i'm rolf'ing
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:35 ] Damar Rocarion > You log on right after dt, when it's not your prime time and attempt to ninja a system?
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:48 ] Damar Rocarion > And when we dont let you have your way, local emo follows
[ 2012.04.29 12:31:49 ] Damar Rocarion > gg
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:05 ] Damar Rocarion > question is, why you bother
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:15 ] Damar Rocarion > You can bring the 100 guys here and roll the system for 7 hours
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:18 ] Damar Rocarion > And take it
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:19 ] Ans Blix > what do you mean not my prime time?
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:23 ] Damar Rocarion > Why pretend you want pvp over it?
[ 2012.04.29 12:32:28 ] Desra Mascani > Question is, why do you? Don't you have a life or something?
[ 2012.04.29 12:33:14 ] Damar Rocarion > Cat got your tongue?
[ 2012.04.29 12:33:43 ] Ans Blix > I'm still waiting for you to answer how its not my prime time
[ 2012.04.29 12:33:55 ] Damar Rocarion > Not seen you online at this time before
[ 2012.04.29 12:34:11 ] Ans Blix > this goes to show you know jack about me... why bother pretend like you do?
[ 2012.04.29 12:34:23 ] Damar Rocarion > Same thing I say to Praz. Why wont he just call the 100 man to do the orbit button work for 7 hours
[ 2012.04.29 12:34:31 ] Damar Rocarion > Why pretend he wants pvp over occupancy
[ 2012.04.29 12:34:41 ] Damar Rocarion > Simple question
[ 2012.04.29 12:34:51 ] Damar Rocarion > There is no need to fight over systems as it is right.
[ 2012.04.29 12:35:23 ] Desra Mascani > Try harder!
[ 2012.04.29 12:36:31 ] Ans Blix > i never said i wanted pvp :) maybe i just like flying internet spaceships
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:15 ] MaraudR73 >
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:18 ] Desra Mascani > Hey, should I undock something else? So you may waste more ammo on a different target?
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:32 ] Ans Blix > actually i think this is the first time we've spoken in local to each other Damar....
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:36 ] Ans Blix > am i right?
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:40 ] Damar Rocarion > And the last time
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:42 ] Damar Rocarion > Blocked
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:47 ] Ans Blix > If so... why so mad?
[ 2012.04.29 12:37:52 ] Damar Rocarion > This lost it's entertainment value
[ 2012.04.29 12:38:02 ] Damar Rocarion > Tell your CEO to send more death threats. Maybe this time CCP bans him
[ 2012.04.29 12:38:06 ] Ans Blix > no seriosusly
[ 2012.04.29 12:38:07 ] MaraudR73 >
[ 2012.04.29 12:38:27 ] Ans Blix > why have you got such a massive anti-boner for me?
[ 2012.04.29 12:38:45 ] Ans Blix > UUUUUHHH I'm CEO of EL-G now
[ 2012.04.29 12:39:22 ] Yuri Intaki > You are part of EL-G and were in it when Seriphyn resorted to death threats. After that, I consider all gallente players to be humans whose base motivation is to harm me in rl.
[ 2012.04.29 12:39:29 ] Yuri Intaki > Whether they are 3 day or 3 year old
[ 2012.04.29 12:39:29 ] Desra Mascani > Scan this ship's name. there's a variation.
[ 2012.04.29 12:39:40 ] Yuri Intaki > And blocked permanently now
[ 2012.04.29 12:40:49 ] Ans Blix > -_-
[ 2012.04.29 12:40:56 ] Ans Blix > you just went full retard
[ 2012.04.29 12:40:58 ] Ans Blix > ....
[ 2012.04.29 12:41:06 ] Ans Blix > you never go full retard
[ 2012.04.29 12:41:33 ] Desra Mascani > Wasmore ammo, please!
[ 2012.04.29 12:41:55 ] Desra Mascani > Waste... my hands are acting up. It's all this laughter.
[ 2012.04.29 12:41:59 ] Dargai > wf is joke i get moor kills in 1h roum to 0.0 that month in fw ;(
[ 2012.04.29 12:42:02 ] Desra Mascani > Damar is too easy.
[ 2012.04.29 12:42:14 ] Ans Blix > Seriously question Caldari Milita... is damar that stupid?
[ 2012.04.29 12:42:29 ] Desra Mascani > He's mentally challenged.
[ 2012.04.29 12:49:45 ] Dargai > someone wants to buy my abso ?
[ 2012.04.29 12:50:02 ] Dargai > asfgher
[ 2012.04.29 12:52:43 ] Desra Mascani > BTW, how much would you want for that?
[ 2012.04.29 12:53:19 ] Dargai > need to calculate
[ 2012.04.29 12:53:32 ] Dargai > had that ship like 1-2 y in my hangar
[ 2012.04.29 12:54:05 ] Desra Mascani > Nah. Don't bother. You would be kicked from corb for trafficking with EL-G. :-)
[ 2012.04.29 12:54:10 ] Desra Mascani > corp...
[ 2012.04.29 12:54:56 ] Desra Mascani > I just thought you would know from the top of your head.
[ 2012.04.29 12:55:16 ] Dargai > :)
[ 2012.04.29 12:55:21 ] Ans Blix > Buy if you want Desra
[ 2012.04.29 13:03:51 ] Message > Site has been captured.
[ 2012.04.29 13:17:25 ] Ans Blix >
[ 2012.04.29 13:21:06 ] Message > Site has been captured.

Original Local chatlog here:
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