Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pat Falvey - Motivational Speaker addresses Students of Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology

Today, I ditches class rep training (would have been my 4th time doing it) and class to attend a talk with Pat Falvey, self made Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Leader, Adventurer, Explorer, Team trainer, Environmentalist, Author, Photographer and Film producer. Before you read (and listen) on, I apologise for the sub-standard sound, I recorded this using a Dictaphone app on my Galaxy S1. The lecture halls speakers caused the echo and it is a little glitchy at times

Friday, 21 September 2012

Large meteor over Ireland

21.09.2012 - reports from dublin to galway of a large fireball crossing the sky. The first pictures of a meteor breaking up at 42 kilometers per second  in the atmosphere, trailing debris over Ireland emerged on twitter.

I wonder if anyone will find a meteorite ($¥€£)