Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pat Falvey - Motivational Speaker addresses Students of Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology

Today, I ditches class rep training (would have been my 4th time doing it) and class to attend a talk with Pat Falvey, self made Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Leader, Adventurer, Explorer, Team trainer, Environmentalist, Author, Photographer and Film producer. Before you read (and listen) on, I apologise for the sub-standard sound, I recorded this using a Dictaphone app on my Galaxy S1. The lecture halls speakers caused the echo and it is a little glitchy at times

Arriving early I managed to get a spot up the front were I hoped to record the talk for myself, but after hearing it I decided that I had to share.

Pat is a very energetic speaker who talked with us about life lessons, from growing up with his Grandmother, to his journeys in the deserts, through the jungles and around glaciers. He shared a very moving account of his near death expedition on Mount Everest, and his successful expedition the next year.

To wrap up an awesome hour, he took out of his pocket, a €20 note and asked “Who wants this?” I kind of thought that this was a strange thing to do in a room full of students, but as a metaphorical statement, I understood what he was getting at. After everyone put up their hand, he asked again and again and again "Who wants this?!" When I noticed people starting to move down the aisle to get the money, I leapt from my seat and hopped over the desk and grabbed it. Talk about a rush!! I thought he'd pull away at the last second. But despite being €20 richer, I learnt an invaluable lesson: Though it might seem tough to put yourself out there in front of a room full strangers (in this case students and teachers) with a determination and zeal, you have so much more to gain than what you have to lose. You have to put yourself forward in order to get what you want, even if it means exposing yourself to a little ridicule if you fail. Nothing is ever going to get dropped into your lap. Pat wasn’t going to give the €20 to the person whose hand went up first! I had nothing to lose by standing up and biting, I had €20 to lose by not, had he pulled away I still would have learnt the lesson... 

Nothing to lose = Nothing but gain

The Earth is your backgarden, go and play!

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