Monday, 21 May 2012

WOO! Dust 514 Closed Beta!

So i didn't actually get sent a key for myself but my friend who doesn't have a PS3 gave me his, since i'm home for the next few days i don't loaded it (1.5GB client + 1.6GB patch lol) and i'm not happily blowing away space PMC's

Interface is interesting, smooth in some places and complex and rouggh in others but bar 1 or 2 game crashes and hangs it is a brilliant game.

If any of you get the key, you are not only obliged, but i encourage you, to leave as much feedback as you can! The more CCP get the better they will be able to hammer out the bugs and issues.

Closed forums are HERE

(*Not my video - Clips from CCP's Fanfest 2012 presentation)

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