Thursday, 7 July 2011


It pissed me off to no limit that one of the fundamental necessities for life on this planet costs more that Petrol in this day and age.

This necessity? Water!

Getting the average of 1 litre of Petrol in Ireland, we find that it is roughly €1.52 (Source)
However a litre of water, even the "cheap" stuff that hasn't been filtered for 10 million years through the bones of dinosaurs and the beards of vikings will set you back €1.90ish at the cheapest (Source: Shops) 

You really have to wonder why? Does the cost of filtering and bottling water really come to a greater expense of mining, drilling, extracting, shipping, refining and transporting oil? Perhaps thats why the big oil companies make so much money? They don't have to deal with finding at river that a sheep hasn't pissed in in the last 1000 years...

I think its time to set up a water business, people are always going to need water, lets bill them through the nose!

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  1. water deprivation is illegal but there's not even really such a thing as gas deprivation, so that won't really work, sorry.