Sunday, 17 July 2011

Feminism gone wrong

I came across a video on Youtube the today of a US talk show where 5 high profile women sat about joking about a man who had his penis cut off by his psycho wife, the reason for this attack? He wanted a divorce!

We are now living in a age were the unequal standards have shifted in the woman's favor. Women can now be sexist and get away with it, much like minorities can be racist and get away with it. These are big arguments for not only different days, but also different blogs.

I usually don't have an opinion on subjects like this, but it absolutely sickens me that the topic of male genital mutilation (The video says castration, which is technically false as that refers to the testes, and even this term would be used in a  purely medically scenario. What is being discussed here is nothing short of amputation or "Penectomy" - NSFW) is taken to be entertainment on a day time talk show. If there was a story on a man who drugged and cut up his wife can you guess the media reaction to that? There would be outcry!

As it stands right now there are no laws in Ireland (Where i'm from) to say a woman can rape a man. What kind of unbalance is that?

A woman's logic "I want to be treated equally!" You'll hear "Don't beat me because I'm a woman"

News Source:
Help us ---  Get involved!!!!
Right letters to CBS's advertisers, your local newspapers or TV stations!

  • Learn who the advertisers were in that episode. Contact them saying you represent 100,000 people who are going to boycott their product because the advertise, and support, sexual inequality.
The advertisers, the MONEY, will bring CBS to begin firing the cunts. ALWAYS follow the money.
Further reading - This one is a long article (i haven't even finished it) but lots of info in it:

EDIT - List of CBS Sponsors :) - Just mail 1 or 2 to help the cause! (Yes, Viagra is in there to.... the irony...)

Lamisil (
Novartis (
Levitra (www.levitra)
Bayer (
Lifesavers Candies (
Kraft Foods (
SmartBalance Popcorn (
Good for America Brands (
Viagra (www.viagra)
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (
Vioxx (www.vioxx)
Merck & Co. (
General Mills (
PrevAcid (
TAP Pharmaceuticals (
Plavix (
Bristol-Myers Squibb (
Benefiber (

From via Hugh Hewitt,
a list of the advertisers:
These companies advertised on 60 Minutes.
Let them know how you feel about that network
interfering in the American electoral process.
Nissan 1-800-647-7261
Pfizer 1-800-733-9393
Aventis 1-800-221-4025
KIA requires registration 1-800-333-4542
Sprint 1-913-624-3000
Citi 1-800-285-3000
SBC 1-210-821-4105
OTHER CBS SPONSORS tracked during one program:
First Commercial
Home Depot
Vioxx(Arthritis medicine)
Splenda(Low carb sugar substitute)
Second Commercial Break
Kia Automobiles Zelnorm(IBS medication for women)
Sprint PCS
UPS Store
Campbells Soup
Kia Automobiles
Third Commercial break
Morgan Stanley
Cingular Wireless
Pepcid Complete
Estee Lauder
Infiniti Automobiles
Majestic Star Casino
Fourth Commercial break
Wellbutrin-xl (medicine for something from Glaxo Smith Klein)
Final Commercial break


  1. I hate feminism... Once it was a beutiful thing but somehow it turned into one of the worst things on earth.

  2. I saw people petitioning this the other day. Glad to see it has legs. I'll gladly help out.

    Remember Don Imus? CBS didn't care when he made his remarks. It wasn't till like a week later when the advertisers pulled out, and THEN CBS fired Imus.

  3. Bah... I have no words to discribe what I'm feeling.

  4. At one time during the show someone tried to interject, but was met with more jokes D: