Friday, 27 May 2011

The day Obama came to Ireland: Part 1

Sorry for being afk for so long, it took me this long to recover from quite possible the worst Monday ever! On Sunday afternoon I got a call into work for the Obama visit and speech, basically Crowd Marshaling at the in College Green, I was hesitant but took it eventually. Little did i realise that "dar' be a shitstorm a brewin"!

I decided to spend Sunday night in with the girlfriend, watch a movie and get a pizza kind of thing. I planned on stay awake all night and catching the 5am bus from Galway to Dublin Airport (i live about 15 minutes from the airport). Now i won't fill you in on the details of what happened between 12 and 3am but we kept ourselves awake. From 3 to 4 i decided to get about an hours kip.

So alarm goes off a 4 and i walk the girlfriend home in the PISSING rain! It was the worst i've been out in in about 3 years! She only lives about 10 minutes away, for 20 minutes walk for me, needless to say i was feckin drenched. When i got home i figure i'll pack a change of kit into my day bag and get dry on the bus, good enough plan. So i pack the rest of my gear, grab my money and at about 5am i make my way to the bus stop for the 5:15 express to Dublin... anyone else see whats going to happen here? The fucking thing blitz's past! The driver might as well have given me the finger... I mean sure its an express, but surely it picks up people up to a certain point? And how many other people on the road side at 5:30 in the morning were there to hold him up? Fucking cunt!

Since the weather was still looking shit i call a taxi to bring me into town, now from were i'm standing theres none on the road but theres 2 parked up by a shut down hotel, they usually fart about there and sleep, dunno why to be honest... Avoiding their wives? Anyway the second i hang up the phone the 2 of them race down to meet me, fucking hilarious but i get into the first one and get to the Coach station.. after getting charged for pick up and having luggage of course... 10 quid down the drain already!

I hop on the first bus to dublin airport i can find, should have me in for 8:30, brilliant! The bus is packed, ballox! I make my way down to the back were its emptiest and try to sneakily get changed but before i can even start a family gets on and the 2 kids leg it down to just opposite me, looks like I'm staying wet for the trip! On to plan B, get as much kip as i can before i have to get to Dublin, utter fail! Wet cloths and cramped don't make the greatest of sleeping conditions. And to add to the clusterfuck, Dublin traffic was fucking brutal with all the diversions and extra security put place for Obama's visit. This extended my arrival time up by an hour just when the POTUS was about to land. So many fuck ups and it was only 9:30

Unfortunately i have to get ready for work now so i'm going to stop here, i will finish my story tomorrow i hope :)