Sunday, 15 May 2011

My First Ironman

[I've decided to shut down a different blog due to lack of interest, so i'm importing a few entries over.]

The first time i heard about an Ironman was during a conversation about tattoos when i was in the Irish Defence Forces. The topic of "meaning" or something was brought up, and out PTI said the only one he had was the famous "M-Dot". I asked what this was and he told me about the triathlon. I was impressed, but not moved at that stage.

A few months after that i dropped out of training and began looking for my own new direction. I toyed with moving abroad, doing marathons, signing up to training again... nothing really enthused me, the circumstances of me leaving the army shot my confidence quite a bit.

On youtube one day i saw a video of Team Hoyt, a father and son Ironman team. It gave me the kick in the ass to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it. I enrolled into a fisheries course in the back arse of no where, which got me a spot in college in Galway to do science. Things were looking up. I got word from the interwebz back in Xmas '09 that Galway would be hosting Irelands first half Ironman, RESULT! So for my Christmas my mum signed me up.

Up to now i've been maintaining my fitness, but with about 160 days till race day, i've decided to start documenting my progress and keeping a record of  what i do and when i do it, for your viewing pleasure of course.

So if there are any trainers, athletes, Ironmen or endurance sportsmen (or women) out there with any input or advice, leave me a comment.

I've a steep learning curve ahead of me...


  1. Good luck man. I've entered a couple of marathons myself but never an ironman!

  2. Enjoy plenty of oatmeal.

  3. carbs before you run, that mean any simple sugars (sugar, pasta, etc), drink 8-9 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated

  4. Good luck man interesting info

  5. I wish I had the dedication to be able to do something like that.