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Eleutherian Marines unit foundation. 29th Planetary Rapid Reaction Force

[[To all my DUST followers, this was posted on the EVE Online forums and the DUST 514 forums as part of my recruitment drive for my DUST Corporation Eleutherian Marines [EL-MG]. If anyone is interested  convo me in game ((names on the last paragraph above the perks)) or leave a comment. A +1 is always appreciated and as always comment/rate/subscribe as all feedback is helpful]]

Eleutherian Guard

+Public Disclosure Authorized+

[[Please note: With the recent DEV Blog Post Announcment, DUST Mercs can wait until Thursday and sign up directly to the Eleutherian Guard [EL-G] EVE Online Corporation. The purposes for the post below was to recruit for testing on SISI, testing and gaming will continue on TRANQ but now with more orbital support and cross communication]]

I am please to announce that as of today, the Eleutherian Guard have released funding and begun upgrading the Eleutherian Marines for Special Operations within the cluster.

The Eleutherian Marines are an elite planetary and station bound force attached to the Eleutherian Guard. The Eleutherian Marines primary role is working with the Eleutherian Guard for asset security, Installation defence, humanitarian relief, operational support, logistical and administration tasks. The Eleutherian Guard have assisted their compatriots in transportation and military operational support. Both units have worked together since their inception with the common goal of Gallente Security.

Conventionally, only a select few outside of Special Forces have received immortality upgrades since the release of the Templar Sleeper technology but with the operational success the Villore Accords Alliance and the Gallente Militia has achieved reclaiming systems from the Caldari Militia, the Gallente Senate has authorized the Eleutherian Guard to expand its program to conventional troops. This will allow the Eleutherian Marines to reduce size while maintaining its level of alertness as a Rapid Reaction Force

Currently, the units selected for full upgrades and re-org are as follows

  • 209th Eugales Command Battalion
  • 1340th Eugales Light Hostile Environment Engineering Battalion
  • 456th Villore Hostile Hostile Environment Infantry Battalion
  • 893th Eugales Light Infantry Battalion
  • 896th Eugales Light Infantry Battalion
  • 1705th Vlillirier Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 416th Ostingeles Signals Battalion
  • 1944th Vlillirier Amour Division
  • 1950th Vlillirier Amour Division
  • 308th Villore Logistics Support Battalion
  • 300th Covryn Air Support Squadron
  • 301th Covryn Air Support Squadron
  • 302th Covryn Air Support Squadron
  • 303th Covryn Air Support Squadron

Together, they will leave their parent home worlds and form the 29th Planetary Rapid Reaction Force based throughout the Gallente Federation where they will await tasking.

Our most promising soldiers will now have the option for full immortal status. Those who do not wish to avail of this upgrade (for moral, ethical or religious reasons) will be removed from front line service and re-assigned tho administrative, support or training roles.

The Eleutherian Guard [EL-G] will now recruit unaligned immortals for Marine service. Those interested should consult their NEOCOM for enlistment. DUST Contractors can contact Templar 863445 ((Dust514)) or Pilots can contact Ans Blix ((EVE Online))

Perks of Enlistment

  • Full Voice Comms within Dust
  • Full Voice Comms with Alliance within EVE Online
  • Skilling and Market Advice
  • Equipment and ISK support 
DUST recruitment link
EVE Online recruitment link

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