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How to play DUST514 - Personal Observations

Hi all, this is a bit of a cross post from something i wrote up on my alliance forums. If you are playing DUST, you can join my ingame corporation "Eleutherian Marines" [EL-MF] for some more tips and hints. We have active alliance support and voice comms. Anyway, that's my plug, on with the show!

Source: Google images

I hope give you guys some insights i discovered while playing dust. If i'm wrong with anything, call me out! I'm by no means a pro

ISK, now stfu


There are 7 or 8 classes in DUST, 4 of them are useful.

Assault - Well rounded

Scout - Weak but fast

Heavy - Tough but slow

Logistics - 2 Equipment slots, weak, normal speed

The toys


Light Attack - I like these, there fast, durable and its fun mowing down people. They are very vulnerable if your driving solo, don't stop to man the turret. Its open top allows players to kill you without having to take the vehicle out. You also won't see the family of homing rockets sniffing your ass out

Heavy Attack - I love these things. Talk about bring a sledgehammer to a stick fight! If your fitting these, put your secondary small turrets as machine guns. This dissuades the team mates who get in with you from shooting tanks. That's what your primary is for, your secondary is for taking our the guys sneaking around your flank with a swarm launcher. If you're in someones tank, watch his back while he focuses on the bigger threats. You can't do jack to a tank with a machine gun. I've lasted full games (READ: No deaths!) in these things, just be smart with your reps and watch your 6

Dropships - Another great toy. They can survive 2 direct swarm launcher hits but not much more. Be smart with your reps and hid behind buildings if you have to! Breaking line of sight with the swarm rockets will get them to run into whatever your hiding behind... at least until they implement destructible buildings. Because they travel at speed, i would fit these with some form of AOE rocket, unless you have a sniper machine gunner. For big maps these for great for troop transport and air cover


Assault rifles - I get good results looking down the sights when the target is >20m away, any closer, just hip fire and aim for center of mass. Reload at every opportunity! You'd be surprised how tough some rigs can be.

Sniper Rifles - I like snipers but for the most part, there horribly underpowered. I use the one that i have to charge for about 2 seconds before firing and unless i get a headshot or an injured player, the best i can do is get him down to about 10% amour and of course they then run into cover. Only useful if your way off the fight and have a good angle on a enemy spawn point or capture point. On 1 map the hostile MCC hovers close to a silo, i sit about 100m away from the silo and as the hostile players spawn and jump out of the underside bay of the MCC they get killed the minute they hit the floor. Easy points

Shotguns - the free militia shotgun is 1 shot kill at close range center of mass. Nuff said! Crap at range but at medium range you can "tag" a few people if your luck and get some points if your team mate can finish him off

Laser rifles - Very powerful but look gay, sound gay, you can were the shot comes from (gay). Don't touch them

Swarm Launchers - Militia version great for free anti tank, sound cool

Heavy Machine Gun - Multi barreled and all fulled with death. Suffers at range but not unmanageable. Good for suppressing and mowing down at close ranges. Can overheat and burn though ammo very fast

Grenades - Use them

Sub Note - Sidearms

Submachine guns - Far superior than pistols, greater mag size, damage and rate of fire. Useful for very close combat but have shit range

How to score points in DUST <- This is the important question

Roles and equipment

Killing - Killing gives you 50 points while assists will give you 25 points. If you run into a group is it better to kill one and get slaughtered? Or "tag" 3 or 4 of them? Answer: Neither, grenade the fuckers!! Ok that was a trick question. Personally i would kill one and with the rest of my mag tag everyone. Any buddies behind will deal with the rest

Reviving - Equipement slot lets you fit a nanite injector. Reviving downed teammates gives you 60 points. if there's a bunch of friendlies holding a point in the map i swap into my "medic" class and do what i can there. Farming dead bodies mmmmm...

Spawn Beacons - 25 points per team member spawn. But place them in useful locations because you can only place 1 of them. If your teammate drops one ,place it further away from it, gives people a choice of were to spawn. Spawn beacons have a limited number of times they can be spawned on, so drop a new one down if you die and have to re spawn. Camp hostile beacons for kills

Ammo Resupply - I forget the name of these things, they look like half orbs of light then grow and glow... I think you earn 10 points per resupply, and it can be a partial resupply. Place these in high traffic areas or corridors. You can place 2 so you can leave another one further away.

Vehicle Assist Kills - If your in a vehicle and someone in another turret makes a kill, you earn 35 points + 25 points for assist. if you make the kill, you get 35 point + 50 points

[These are the only methods i have tested for now, afaik there is some form of remote repper that i haven't used and remote explosives that might score you more points]
Becoming MVP

In DUST, becoming MVP is nothing to do with your K/D ratio. Its all about the points you score. Reviving scores you more points that killing. I've been top of my team with 3 kills and 3 deaths.

Situational Awareness

Mission Types

Assault - Team Deathmatch
Lets be honest, most of these fight turn into slug fests with the winners being whoever brings the most tanks to the field. When playing Assault matches i go for long range setups

Skirmish - Point Capture Match
These require more skill and time than Assault. Have a few setups with close range and support modules that you might find useful (Drop Uplinks and Nanohives).


This all depends on gameplay style and the mission. I've left out tanking talk as it really depends on the suit your wearing. I prefer Armour, i find you get more of a buffer and the fact that shields rep themselves over time it makes sense to have a Armour repper

"Dragonfly" Scout Dropsuit with Sub Machine gun Source: Google Images
I tend to have 5 or 6 load outs that i can swap between in a match, depending on the map, the type of game, my teams competency and the enemy teams competency.

Loadout Name: Light Assault
Using a normal Caldari Assault Suit, add an Assault Rifle of your choice and price range, AP grenades and a Drop Uplink in equipment slot.  This gives me the option of mounting a proper attack and reinforcing it if need be. Say i take a point, i'd hide a drop uplink out of view so if i get sniped or the point if rushed, i'm back in the fight after 10 seconds in something heavier etc

Loadout Name: Close Range Sniper
Bit of a misleading name, basically i use a Charged Sniper Rifle with a Sub Machine Gun as my sidearm. I also have a Drop Uplink so when i get to my sniping spot i can respawn close to it if I'm counter sniped. This fit is for spawning when i don't know my surroundings ergo, the sub machine gun. Having bought the Mercenary pack from the PSN store, i use the "Dragonfly" Scout suit.

Loadout Name: Long Range Sniper
The exact same sniper as above but i use the Logi suit, which gives me 2 equipment slots for a nanohive and an uplink, this lets me be self sufficient.

Loadout Name: Logi Healer
Basically a Logi set up with a healer set up. You have 2 equipment slots for really easy point farming. I use a Nanite Auto-injector and a nanohive. I have swapped out this for a remote repper but having realised that you don't get points repping people i ditched it. Besides, the auto-injector does the job. For offence i opt for an Assault Rifle or a shotgun

Loadout Name: Logi Support
Same a above but with Drop Uplink and a nanohive. This is a more long range set up so i go for an Assault Rifle over the shotgun

Loadout Name: Close Combat
I might fit 2 similar fits for close combat with different (usually light) suits, but my thinking behind these fits usually revolve around Shotguns, submachine guns and grenades. Think blaster thorax, get up in the enemies face with something nimble and fast and let fly. Again, have a think about the equipment you might need.

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