Monday, 16 December 2013

ASICS Men's GT-1000 Running Shoe Review

I have a fitness test upcoming for the Army so I had to buy a pair of runners to get back doing decent distances on the road. I figured that gym work is well and good up to a point but my endurence based cardio was lacking.

So new shoes! Having searched the stores in my area (Galway, Ireland), I found that none stocked my size, 14 US. provided me with a large selection so I settled for a medium range ASICS Men's GT-1000 Running Shoe that was on special at $69.99

Keep in mind that this is the first time that I've bought shoes from the internet, I do trust Amazon but I don't trust shoemakers, especially at the larger sizes were they can vary by a few centimeters in some cases! Luckily this time, I had no such issues *phew!*

The trainers arrived a few weeks later and I've been running in them for the past week. My feet have now adjusted to them which was considerably quicker than most other runners I've gotten. There was very little in the way of blisters or other sores but I noticed that the arch seems to be quite far forward. This required a bit of adjustment but wasn't uncomfortable.

As for the shoe itself, it is well put together. Easy on the eye as a "generic" and is comfortable for the Christmas shopping that I've been doing the last while! Its one of those shoes you think should be in the $125 range in that regard.

I used these runners at the gym twice as well and once for laps on a football field. They held up well in this multi-disipline role and cleaning them was very easy. It gave me flexibility as a "one size fits all" shoe, but as it doesn't offer ankle support I will not be doing any cross country training in them.

Appearently, however, this shoe is prone to mesh deterioration over time with holes appearing by the big toe. While mine haven't had this problem yet (keep in mind that it could be a sizing issue), I am keeping an eye on it. Having said that, I don't know of many running shoes for as low as $50 that will last more than a season of proper training. Its something to thing about.

In conclusion, given the awesome price, comfort and flexibility I'm going to give this running shoe a 4/5.

Wearable for other sports

Weird arch
Not great ankle support

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