Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eve Online Dominion login screen on DayZ

I finally got around to playing DayZ and on Saturday was shown around one of the newer supported maps, Namalsk but a friend during a lock in at 091labs in Galway ( @091labs / ).

Though Namalsk is smaller than Chernarus, it hosts higher military drops, less food and water, heat
packs that actually have a purpose and feels a lot more like a zombie apocolypes than other maps. One of the main cities, Vorkuta, to me looks similar to Pripyat. Pripyat was the abandoned city close to where the Chernobyl Nuclear plant.

Anyway, onto the change log (Source)

DayZ: Namalsk in short points (if you want to know the exact details, follow this link to the changelog section)
  • Added support for the unique objects, placed on Namalsk (over 1500 lootspots on the 90 unique models)
  • Extended lootspot support also for the original Arma II buildings and objects
  • Improved fight with the mother nature - new and edited factors, which affects your body's temperature, and also lowered chances for getting food and water
  • Increased activity (count) of the infected at the certain locations / objects
  • New clothes (inspired by this uniform), which does have a real impact on your body's temperature
  • New and edited loot tables
  • Spawn of the helicrash events disabled, helicrash loot is available in smaller amount on the static places on the map with edited loot table
  • Spawn of the debris, wrecks and dead bodies is turned off
  • New types of the infected characters (better fitting to the situation on Namalsk)
  • Multiplayer DayZ mission connected with the newest version of AII laboratory module
  • 35 different spawn points for bicycles, cars, boats or helicopter (spawn points does not corresponds with the actual count of the spawned vehicles in the mission)
  • New types of helicopters - Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka (with grenade launcher and rockets) and civillian transport Mil Mi-17
  • All the needed changes are done outside of the DayZ modification, so DayZ: Namalsk requires the official version of DayZ modification
There is an underground bunker somewhere on the map which a friend and I explored on Saturday and I found something quite strange :D 

Seems there are behind on a patch or two, but it’s nice to see a few Eve fans on this DayZ Map Dev team. Its also an awesome Easter egg!

I won't have any videos up from that adventure as I messed up the Fraps, but in future I’ll have some documented videos for people to have a look at!

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