Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Irish EVE ONLINE fan run Fanfest Event

Who: Calling all Irish EVE ONLINE and DUST514 Players!!!

What: Eve meet up in Galway, Fleet, pizza, taxi and club (for those who want it) and then DrunkFleet! Hopefully have some PS3's on the side for some DUST514

Where: 091 Labs Hackerspace in Galway will have moved into its new larger venue by October, so with bigger space, more power and hopefully good bandwidth (you know... the size of the hole in which the internet comes through to allow your internet machine to internet?)

When: Soon™

Why: not?

I will be approaching CCP, HP, DELL, SONY and a bunch of others for support, sponsorship and prizes

Useful links:
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  1. As of yet... no. I have pushed it back to hopefully summer 2013, after Fanfest Iceland :)