Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cat Quadrotor - Artist turns his dead pet into flying Quad

This is... interesting

"So when cat Orville, named after the famous aviator Orville Wright, was run over by a car, his artist owner decided to turn him into a permanent piece of artwork as the ultimate tribute by transforming him into a flying helicopter.Dutch artist Bart Jansen first stuffed Orville before teaming up with radio control helicopter flyer Arjen Beltman to build a specially-designed flying mechanism to attach to the cat."

So this guy gets his cat stuffed, then rams quad parts up its ass and then flies it about the house... maybe in the park? I don't get the logic here... :-/

I mean... does this just look creepy to you?

And of course there's a video....

Does it have FPV?

Source 1
Source 2

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